Source code for imapclient.tls

# Copyright (c) 2015, Menno Smits
# Released subject to the New BSD License
# Please see

This module contains IMAPClient's functionality related to Transport
Layer Security (TLS a.k.a. SSL).

import imaplib
import socket
import ssl

def wrap_socket(sock, ssl_context, host):

    if not hasattr(ssl, "create_default_context"):
        # Python 2.7.0 - 2.7.8 do not have the concept of ssl contexts.
        # Thus we have to use the less flexible and legacy way of wrapping the
        # socket
        if ssl_context is not None:
            raise RuntimeError(
                "Cannot precisely configure the SSL connection, upgrade to "
                "Python >= 2.7.9 to fine tune the settings."

        return ssl.wrap_socket(sock)

    if ssl_context is None:
        ssl_context = ssl.create_default_context(purpose=ssl.Purpose.SERVER_AUTH)

    return ssl_context.wrap_socket(sock, server_hostname=host)

[docs]class IMAP4_TLS(imaplib.IMAP4): """IMAP4 client class for TLS/SSL connections. Adapted from imaplib.IMAP4_SSL. """ def __init__(self, host, port, ssl_context, timeout=None): self.ssl_context = ssl_context self._timeout = timeout imaplib.IMAP4.__init__(self, host, port)
[docs] def open(self, host, port=993, timeout=None): = host self.port = port sock = socket.create_connection( (host, port), timeout if timeout is not None else self._timeout ) self.sock = wrap_socket(sock, self.ssl_context, host) self.file = self.sock.makefile("rb")
[docs] def read(self, size): return
[docs] def readline(self): return self.file.readline()
[docs] def send(self, data): self.sock.sendall(data)
[docs] def shutdown(self): imaplib.IMAP4.shutdown(self)