Source code for imapclient.exceptions

import imaplib

# Base class allowing to catch any IMAPClient related exceptions
# To ensure backward compatibility, we "rename" the imaplib general
# exception class, so we can catch its exceptions without having to
# deal with it in IMAPClient codebase

IMAPClientError = imaplib.IMAP4.error
IMAPClientAbortError = imaplib.IMAP4.abort
IMAPClientReadOnlyError = imaplib.IMAP4.readonly

[docs]class CapabilityError(IMAPClientError): """ The command tried by the user needs a capability not installed on the IMAP server """
[docs]class LoginError(IMAPClientError): """ A connection has been established with the server but an error occurred during the authentication. """
[docs]class IllegalStateError(IMAPClientError): """ The command tried needs a different state to be executed. This means the user is not logged in or the command needs a folder to be selected. """
[docs]class InvalidCriteriaError(IMAPClientError): """ A command using a search criteria failed, probably due to a syntax error in the criteria string. """
[docs]class ProtocolError(IMAPClientError): """The server replied with a response that violates the IMAP protocol."""